Van Life

We have an announcement! lolglobetrotting will be spending 2019 living out of a van! We are finishing up our Grad School programs, and looking to set-out on a journey we will be able to share with our kids and grandkids one day!

We will be starting from the Midwest, and tracking our every move on this map! In each place we land, we will drop a new ‘van’ on the image, and when you click on each ‘van’ image below, we’ll be putting our best hiking content and travel tips!


Our Steed

We purchased a 2001 Volkswagen Eurovan MV that we will be converting into our home for the next year. What sold us on the Eurovan? Probably had something to do with CarAndDriver’s Review:


Vast interior, firm seats, Audiesque fit and finish, a rarity in America.


Slightly contorted driving stance, box-car awkwardness around town, Tippecanoe and EuroVan, too.


The neighborhood fat kid who tries out for baseball. He’s fun, he’s amusing, he’s upbeat. But he’s not all that good at baseball.

If the EuroVan is the Swiss Army knife of people movers-more practical than fashionable-it’s because of its colossal, best-in-class interior. Jonah would have felt right at home in here. Moreover, the EuroVan’s rearmost seat resembles some sort of municipal park bench-flat and 60 inches wide, sufficient for three adults with poison ivy on their thighs. And the nearly five-foot-tall rear hatch is so large you’ll want to leap clear as you swing it open or incur a Buster Douglas sucker punch.

Have you ever heard a more glowing review of a car? We haven’t. Matter of fact, we can’t imagine a better one!

We took some teaser pictures, but don’t want to share too much before we have the chance to work on our conversion! We are planning on starting the conversion around Thanksgiving 2018, and we better be done by January because that’s blastoff time!

Van Conversion Videos

We’ve gotten so much inspiration from other people who have done this for years. It has been a dream of ours for the last year, and we can’t wait to take off! Here is some of our favorite inspiration for this journey we are taking.

Instagram Inspiration








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